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We are delighted to present our website to the world.

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The sale of our decorative and professional fine art that will range in date from the early to late 19th century and right into the early 20th century.

The authenticity and provenance is real, we will be very happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding this.This page will show exactly what we represent and what we offer. We believe that our clients will always come first.

Our onsite art gallery presents, Landscape, Seascape, Marine, Still Life, and Portraits, which are oil on canvas, oil on Board, original chromo lithographs, water color originals, etching that are originals and 1st run limited editions and lithographic prints that are numbered and signed.

You can also link into the website of a world class master artist, Carlo Beninati. He is dedicated to documenting the history of human accomplishment. He has done many commissioned paintings of people in the corporate, entertainment, and the sports world. His work is displayed in Galleries and Museums throughout the world.

Our investor page will explain the how and why we believe that an investor can make great profits through working with our company.

In 1968 artist Peter Kimack, of Chicago also know as Key Mack did two (2) Ink sketches called Flood and Survival. They are the very best of the series of his Emotional Hieroglyphic Studies.

On this same page we are showing a clothing line called," Sloppy Shirts " this is PJ's original idea and concept. Donald Chisholm was commissioned by PJ to do the art work.

The "Mystical Dynasty of Wicker Park was another art project that was conceived by PJG & Associates. This was planed and thought out in collaboration with Artist Donald Chisholm. These two (2) Projects are still waiting to be brought to fruition. In this Investor Page we will present and explain just how we feel and believe an investor can make serious money with very little risk.

Last but not least, we also sell a variety of collectables, antiques and unique custom leather clothing and a handmade/hand-woven/handspun Mapuche Culture Poncho from the 1950's that is in perfect condition.

The remaining artwork was created by PJs friends. Carlo Beninati, Donald Chisholm, Robert Tobiason and Fred Schnell. 

Please Review and Enjoy this contemporary fine art. Thank You PJ of PJG & Associates.
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Contemporary Fine Arts

Artist: Jackson, Signed..Jackson  |  Sea Scape  |  Original  |  Oil on Board  |  Early 20th Century
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso
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