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He has produced incredible works of art to celebrate some of the greatest legends of our time including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Joe DiMaggio and many others. Carlo Beninati has a reputation that speaks volumes about his lifetime of dedication to excellence in every aspect of his work. Few artists can boast a client list equal to his.  

Mr. Beninati has been commissioned by Fortune 500 companies, political, entertainment, and sports personalities. His work has also been included in prestigious public and private collections and is prominently displayed by collectors, galleries, and museums worldwide. In his own words, Beninati is "dedicated to documenting the history of human accomplishment: the achievements of remarkable people, history-making events, and the wonders of the world through the highest quality limited edition fine art." 

Peter Key Mack - Artist "Emotional Hieroglyphic Studies"

Prior to 1968 Key Mack made his mark in San Francisco with several other works. His ink sketches have been nationally recognized and distributed. The artist was not formally educated but his own sensitivity to life's changing circumstances are reflected in his own pen and ink style unique to any other artist on the contemporary scene. Key Mack believed that somewhere behind the magnificent edifice of our civilization that there was something wrong. He felt that if we look closely enough that we will find that there's not much difference between our electrified world and the same crude civilization of long ago. All things are expressed eloquently in the frantic silence of his prints. These sketches are printed on heavy 80# paper stock and measure 28 x 37 inches.

These are limited first edition signed pen and ink prints called "Flood" and "Survival" which were finished in 1968. They are part of a series Key Mack called "Emotional Hieroglyphic Studies" which consisted of 5 pen & ink prints that Key Mack did in the late 1960's.The first three were done in San Francisco. These last two were drawn in Chicago. One could spend 10 years finding new details every day! Each limited first edition print is signed by the artist.

Note: Peter Kimack is alive and well in San Francisco. His current works can be purchased from ePress Books here and here.

Based upon remaining quantity, these prints are sold in sets only.
Please call or e-mail for pricing as the prices will increase as the number of prints decreases.

Donald Chisholm - Artist

Donald Chisholm left Toronto, Canada in the late 1960's. His painted image is part of a mural that still exists at "The Ale House" on North Avenue in Chicago. 
He worked as Art Director for a number of Major Adverting Agencies and also Playboy Magazine in Chicago. I began doing things with Chiz after he left Playboy and started doing freelance. This is where it All began for us. 
We shared our ideas and the Mystical Dynasty became a real thing . I was his Sale Rep for a number of years on many of his and our Art Projects. We worked together doing these things from 1978 to 1996. .. His Art Work Is One of a Kind.  
His Hand Colored and Signed Lithographic Prints speak for themselves.  
He was a unique and gifed Artist with an Extremely Different Style.
He was a Very Close and Dear Friend.

Robert “Toby” Tobiason – Artist 

I met Toby right around the same time that I met Pete Key Mack in 1967. We were very close friends and buddies. He was Art Director for a number of Adverting Agencies as well as "The Muskegon Chronicle". The one I remember most of all was "Wave Makers". He went back home to Muskegon, Michigan sometime in 1979. I would go to see him on a regular basis. We had some really way out times. Just Great Memories. Toby went to Artist Heaven in 1987. I went to Muskegon to make sure that he would receive the proper burial. When we met with his relatives, we were able to purchase a large number of his Art Work plus over the years I continued to acquire additional pieces that he did. All in all, I have another five original pieces of his work.

Fred Schnell – Photographer -- 

Fred was in chargre of Special Productions at Playboy Magazine. Donald Chisholm was his Art Director. First Donald was let go .. Then Fred was let go as well. To get into the particulars .. It's Not Necessary .. Anyhow We all hung out at the same two bars .... "Mr. Jones and "Joannes" .. We were Buddies .. The Newspaper Article explains a lot about Fred.  Many Laughs and Good Times were had by All.
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso
Artist: Jackson, Signed..Jackson  |  Sea Scape  |  Original  |  Oil on Board  |  Early 20th Century
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Carlo Beninati - Artist                  

Artist Carlo Beninati is dedicated to documenting the history of human accomplishment – remarkable people, historical events and the wonders of the world - through innovative fine art. Carlo has been commissioned by Fortune 500 companies, political, entertainment, and sports personalities. His work has also been included in prestigious public and private collections and is prominently displayed by collectors, galleries, and museums worldwide.