On the Home Page we gave an overview of how an Investor could make serious money with very little risk in the contemporary fine arts industry. Allow me to give you an overview of what I have in mind.

We own the copyright for the Emotional Hieroglyphic Study Prints titled, " Flood " and " Survival ".

These professional fine art prints were done by artist Key Mack, who's real name is Peter Kimack. These two prints are the very best of his Pen and Ink Sketches.

In 1968, these two prints generated $1.3 million in sales. After all was said and done Key Mack went back to San Francisco. Peter is currently doing his Psychedelic Coloring Books called, " Lines Unlimited ". 
His Concept and Design are without a doubt one of a kind. So from here we will proceed to explain this possibility for the profit that has been mentioned. We feel and believe that the pendulum has swung back to the present day generation. 

Because of this thinking we believe that the timing is perfect for us to use this incredible art design and concept. This is what we have in mind.

We can manufacture Lamp Shade and Shower Curtains.The translucent effect of this art design in today’s world, would just blow people away.

That's one idea. How about Wall Paper or Wall Paper Bordering, Mouse Pads or Calendars. 

Here's my favorite .. Underwear.

The other two things that we have are the " Sloppy Shirts "and the " The Mystical Dynasty ". 

There was a period in time when Donald Chisholm and I were selling T shirts in Chicago. They were sold to bars, restaurants and people that wanted to be a part of Mystical Dynasty of Wicker Park. 

How about this idea. The Mystical Dynasty T shirts of the World. Way too Mystical to talk about.

We welcome Investors to call us for a possible deal, and to learn more about our commissioned paintings.

So let us live and Enjoy life and make money at the same time. Call PJ for additional information.
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Investors in our Professional Fine Art

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. ~Pablo Picasso
Artist: Jackson, Signed..Jackson  |  Sea Scape  |  Original  |  Oil on Board  |  Early 20th Century
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